How to Fix Yahoo Email Not Working or Yahoo Stopped Working Today

Yahoo mail, not working issues: Yahoo offers many outstanding features but still faces some problems at any time. The Yahoo mail not working problem is the most popular problem and arises frequently. However, The good news here is that there are some troubleshooting measures you can take to fix this issue. This article provides you the different methods to solve this issue and get your Yahoo email service up.

Common problems related to Yahoo email not working

  • Yahoo email not working on iPhone.
  • Yahoo email bounce-back error.
  • Email sending and receiving an error.
  • Yahoo email not working after the update.
  • Yahoo Mail is not working on Chrome.
  • Yahoo mail suddenly stopped working.
  • I can't find messages in my inbox.

How to fix the Yahoo mail not working?

1. Yahoo mail not working on iPhone:-

You can try certain things to resolve this issue:

  • Verify your internet connection: One vital reason behind the not working of Yahoo mail can be a slow internet connection. Hence, you require to make sure that your internet connectivity is good. Restart your router or modem if the internet speed is slow.
  • Stay updated with the latest version of OS: It is also essential that you use the latest version of your operating system and Yahoo mail. If not, install the latest updates to fix the difficulty.
  • Restart your Yahoo app:- Sometimes, restarting your Yahoo mail application can refresh the data and solve the Yahoo email not working problem.
  • Restart your device:- If restarting your mail app didn't work efficiently, another way is to restart your device.
  • Reconfigure your Yahoo mail on iPhone: If you can still work with Yahoo email, you may want to delete and re-add your Yahoo email account to your device.

2. Yahoo mail bounce back problem:-

If the messages you are trying to send keeps bouncing back, make sure that you are not mistyping the receiver's email address. Additionally, if you have reached the sending limit today, your emails might bounce back to you. If this happens, you will have to wait till your limit gets refreshed.

3. Unable to send and receive messages:-

In circumstance you are not able to receive/ send messages in your Yahoo account, then you can do the certain things mentioned below:-

  • Get a glance at your filters:- Sometimes, the filters take emails you don't expect them to. So kindly check your filters to fix the problems.
  • Verify your blocked address list:- Maybe you mistakenly blocked the recipient email address, so go to the Security and Privacy section of your settings and unblock the recipient address.
  • Log out and logged back: If the above things do not work, log out your Yahoo account and then log back in to fix the Yahoo mail not working issue.

4. Yahoo mail not working after update:-

Sometimes, it happens that your Yahoo email stops working after you install any new update in it. This can happen due to incorrect installation of the updates, which may lead to missing some important files. This can stop Yahoo email from working correctly. If this occurs, you need to reinstall the updates in your Yahoo email. Also, make sure that the recent version is cooperative with your operating system.

5. Yahoo email not working on Chrome

Try the following if your Yahoo mail is not working on Chrome:

  • Verify that your internet speed is constant.
  • The browser you are using must be up-to-date.
  • Clear cookies and cache from your browser.
  • Make sure that JavaScript is allowed.
  • Reset your browser to default settings.

6. Yahoo suddenly stopped working

To fix this, you can try the following points:

  • Make certain that your internet connection is not lost.
  • Verify if there is any update; if yes, then reinstall them.
  • If any antivirus or other third-party program is preventing your Yahoo mail, disable them temporarily.

7. Can't get messages in the inbox

When we cannot find messages in your inbox, the primary reason could be an email filter or spam filter that can send your emails to another folder rather than the Inbox folder. So kindly check your filters and spam folder to find disappear emails in Yahoo.

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